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Dear Members,

The elections’ which were to be held on the 9th of March, 2013 have been cancelled, and will be rescheduled for a later date. Due to the following reasons:

On the 27th of February 2013 we had received certain complaints on the election list. Which were as follows:

1. The list should be submitted by the management according to membership no’s indicating their dates of assuming membership.

2. All old members who have not paid their dues, should be debarred from voting as per U.P. Cooperatives Act 1965.

3. All newly inducted members may be put at the end of the voters list as per their seniority.

Now to these points I had prepared a new list removing all defaulters and arranging it according to seniority, as these two points were only confirmed to be valid by the Election Officer. When many of the very people who had filed the complaint, turned out to be defaulters in the new list, they started to ask me for documents in this respect. I furnished the details of the notices the society had served to them and as more than six months had passed from the date of these notices. Not only had they not paid their own dues but were also party in convincing others not to do so. To this they further asked me to present documents like individual member account registers which they very well know I’m not in possession of. These people have created a parallel management and have misled various parties involved into thinking that they are the executive committee of our society, hence denying us our own documents to us. After the death of our previous Secretary Late Shri Ramesh Chandra it was found a lot of our documents including membership register, accounts register were in his office in Jawaharlal Nehru Bhawan in the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. Even before my appointment as the secretary the management made several attempts to receive these documents. I have personally written many times to the ministry to no respite. These very trouble makers have made sure that we are wrongfully denied our own documents. They were being unreasonable as they were claiming that they had not received any notice/ email regarding payment of dues when they themselves have replied to these very same emails and convinced others not to pay up their dues. They selectively wanted to remove certain members on the grounds of being defaulters whereas when the same applied to them they created an atmosphere of pressure on the election officer and were forcing their own list on him to have it approved. As a conclusion the election officer decided to set a new date for elections.

A copy of the objections filed by the members can downloaded from the website


Satindar Chandra


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